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Experience the peacefulness of nature

Experience the peacefulness of nature

Nature is the central focus for our fly in fishing trips here at Oak Lake Lodge, and we continually try to make it clear that our nature hasn't been tainted. There aren't many natural places left on earth you could call pristine, especially if they're open year-round to the public.

While many people do their best to preserve nature, excess tourism simply doesn't help in preservation. Since you can't always assume everyone respects nature either, some tourists may dump garbage within the surroundings without anyone noticing.

You won't experience any natural harm here at Oak Lake Lodge, because we only let 32 people in at any given time. Those lucky few people get a chance to experience unprecedented nature and on a level they never forget. It's an experience we want you to experience yourself if you think there isn't a place left on earth where you can assimilate such things.

We understand your pain if you live in a place where city lights obscure the ability to see the sky, or you're too far away to enjoy the sounds of undisturbed nature. The same goes if you live in a large city and can't experience other natural phenomena you'll enjoy here.

Just take a look at some of the natural events our visitors experience regularly with photo proof. When you see the photo sections on our website, you'll see why we're the prime spot in Ontario, Canada to see the best of nature from the ground, water, and sky.


We have plenty of photos to prove how amazing the sunsets are when seen from the banks of Oak Lake or on the deck of your beautiful cottage. Each sunset we see looks different as if a Godly painting of color in the sky. You'll see every sunset detail since we have no large buildings or housing developments to obscure the view.

The same goes for the amazing sunrises you'll see out your cottage living room window. Sunrises are an invigorating way to start your morning as we deliver coffee to your door. Along with the stunning sun reflections on the water, you also have more photo moments than you'll probably experience in a lifetime.

Catching Sky Events, Like the Aurora Borealis

There isn't any better place in upper North America to catch the Aurora Borealis than here at our lodge. We've had many visitors capture stunning shots of the Northern Lights to a point where it looks almost otherworldly. Because we're miles away from any city lights, you're in for a stunning sky show of things you can't see living in a city or even the suburbs.

On top of the Aurora Borealis, you'll be treated to seeing the entire Milky Way on clear summer nights. While we do get rain clouds in from time to time (especially during fall and winter), this summer should offer stunning views of the night sky. Even in overpopulated campgrounds, you can't always see as much sky detail as you can in our area.

Nature on the Ground

Many animal species native to Canada get seen here daily. Bird watchers have a field day thanks to many rare and even endangered birds seen flying and landing nearby. It includes bald eagles, something our nature guides will scope out for you, along with eagle nests.

Moose frequently get spotted wandering around the area as you might expect. They're hunted in the fall, though many people prefer to just watch them interact with nature as if observers in a real nature documentary.

As part of your fishing activities, you'll see different species of fish endemic just to the region. Our guides show you the different markings on each fish, plus teaching you our catch and release policy for most fish species.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge before you book a trip with us so we can tell you more about the natural phenomena you'll experience. Our guests frequently encounter many natural surprises that even surprise us, despite us living here for years.

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