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Carefully Prepared Meals - a cornerstone of your comfort and enjoyment

Carefully Prepared Meals - a cornerstone of your comfort and enjoyment

Have you tried other fly in fishing and found them a bit too basic? You won't have to worry about that problem with Oak Lake Lodge. We are one of the most trusted and respected fly-in fishing providers in Canada. We provide real quality to true fishermen like yourself. If you're not convinced, please on to find out why Oak Lake Lodge will be your next fishing experience.

You will be served tasty, carefully prepared, high-quality meals

The first thing you're going to notice when you get to Oak Lake Lodge is that we have put a lot of care into all our meals. We fly-in high-quality ingredients, best cuts of meats, and fresh vegetables. Our cooks carefully plan and prepare each meal, home-cooked style. Our meals are constantly praised by our guests. 

Some of our most praised meals include:

  • Sprawling breakfasts with meat, potatoes, and heaping portions of eggs
  • Tasty side dishes for your shore lunches that change every day to keep your palate fresh
  • Dazzling dinners with home-made desserts
  • One option that many of our fishermen love is the "shore lunch," where you'll stop in the middle of the day, take a break on shore, and have a tasty and refreshing meal that keeps you focused on the big fishing tasks ahead. (Shore lunches depend on whether or not you have hired a guide because guides prepare the shore lunches.)

Your Own Private Lake

Do you know why we call it a "fly-in" fishing experience? Because you'll literally be flying into a private lake that has no other access points but our facility. As a result, you will have to compete with a far smaller range of fishermen for some of the largest fish in Canada.

And we help ensure that our fish are large by utilizing a "catch and release" policy. Essentially, you can catch the fish, take a picture, and release it back into the water. While this may bum out trophy hounds, it helps keep our lake well-stocked with monster fish. It's a trade-off our repeat fishers find worth making.

Experienced Fishing Guides

Finding the best fishing spots on a new lake can be an exasperating experience. Thankfully, we offer some of the most experienced fishing guides in Canada. We retain one of the highest amounts of guides amongst all other guided fishing experiences: as a result, our guides know the lake and know where you can find the monster bass you have been hounding for years.

Our high retention rate also means you're likely to run into the same guide on your next trip. This helps you build a meaningful relationship with an intriguing and well-traveled guide.

Clean, Spacious, Modern Accommodations

By now, you're probably pretty sold on coming to Oak Lake Lodge. However, you might have a harder time pitching the idea to your wife and kids. They might not relish the idea of hanging out in the woods and fishing all weekend. Thankfully, there are plenty of options that should please anyone who isn't big into the outdoors:

  • Comfortable cabins large enough for a family, or a group of friends
  • Relaxing chairs and couches that give you a great place to kick back after a long, busy day of fishing
  • Comfortable beds filled with the quality linens
  • These accommodations help create a surprising amount of comfort for such a rugged trip. For any beleaguered wives or children, these cabins are the perfect place to relax while you go out. However, who's to say your wife and kids don't love fishing? We know they will after spending a 3, 4, or 5 day trip at Oak Lake Lodge.

So if you're more than excited about the amazing fly in fishing experience at Oak Lake Lodge (and you've sold your wife and kids on it), please contact us today to make a reservation.

Our lodge books early, so make sure you make that call as soon as you can. You won't regret it!

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