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Why You Should Choose a Fly-In Fishing Vacation

Why You Should Choose a Fly-In Fishing Vacation

Now that we're well into autumn, it's a perfect time to get away on a vacation if you had to work throughout summer. Fall is a great time because tourism quiets down considerably, even if some vacation escapes aren't always perfect in what they provide. While real fall weather is awesome to experience, it doesn't always equal perfect weather in every vacation location. It could also mean experiences you'd rather forget in more remote places.

A fly-in fishing vacation here at Oak Lake Lodge eliminates many of those concerns, and we want to show you the differences between our lodge and other fall getaways. The differences are considerable in many cases, including better weather so you can actually experience the beauty of the autumnal equinox.

In other cases, it comes down to mere service and amenities. You'll discover that if you go to other remote places, you're sometimes responsible for many things yourself rather than having four-star treatment you'd get in a hotel.

Our lodge blurs those lines and gives you service that you'd find in a major resort, yet in a remote location miles away from civilization.

If you still have plans for another fall vacation getaway, look at the burdens you may endure and how our lodge gives you an autumn escape of a lifetime.

Coastal Resorts in Autumn

While you'll probably get a better deal staying in a coast resort in the fall, the weather isn't always the best, depending on where you stay. Many North American beaches (other than California) are cooler and even rainy by October. It may mean having to stay inside and do storm watching, which can make your vacation dreary.

At our lodge, fall weather is somewhat cool, yet not always stormy. Rain sometimes passes through, though you'll find most days are sunny with crisp air.

On days you'd rather just look out at the views of Oak Lake, we have screened porches in our cottages where you'll have privacy and comfort all day long. In coastal resorts, your balconies aren't always private or protective enough for storm watching.

Isolated Vacation Spots in Autumn

You've likely seen dozens of ads for vacation spots that take you out in remote places. Some of these are up in the mountains or isolated islands where the weather isn't always the best during fall. In the mountains, especially, you're at a higher elevation where snow and frigid temperatures could make your trip overly stressful.

What's worse is when those isolated cabins and cottages force you to do maintenance yourself, or bring your own amenities. Some isolated places are extremely austere to a point where you don't even have decent heating. There isn't anything worse than waking up in your cabin and feeling frigid without any quick method of getting warm.

In our cottages, you have a wood stove in each unit that's guaranteed to keep you warm. Our chilly mornings won't ever be a problem thanks to our wood stove being safe throughout your stay when you want to sleep in.

Another great thing about our weather is that we're not in a high elevation, which means temperatures aren't extreme at night. In the winter, it's a different story, yet daytime temperatures are perfectly moderated.

Camping in the Fall

Some people prefer to camp out in the wilderness during the fall, only to find that the temperatures are once again too much to tolerate, including having to live primitively.

Our lodge takes the best of those worlds, yet helps you have the comforts of a hotel after exploring nature. You have a vast lake and wilderness to explore by day where you're miles away from industry. At night, you have all the amenities you need in your cottages, including dependable maid service.

Contact us here at Oak Lake Lodge to find out more about why we're your best fall escape where you have the perfect balance between enjoying nature and red carpet treatment.

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