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How to Catch Pike During Your Trip

How to Catch Pike During Your Trip

When you come to Oak Lake Lodge, you'll experience the most fun fly in fishing experience in all of Ontario and Canada. However, you may also suffer from extreme frustration when trying to catch the huge pike that live in our lake. Never fear! The following pike tips are practiced by our skilled and professional guides and should help you catch the pike of your dreams.

Have Patience for the Pike's Silly Games

Pike are notoriously playful fish when it comes to bait: they'll often hit the bait and let go or simply thrash around it. While we know it's definitely rude to play with your food, the pike has no such objections. That's why you need to have some patience: if you see your bobber bobbing up and down without sinking, you likely got a pike.

Some pike will happily nip away your bait without taking it for a run. There's not much you can do about this, but playing with the bait a little bit may incite it to take a full bite. And if your bait keeps disappearing down the gullet of a pike in nips and bites, keep casting in the same area: there's bound to be more!

Choosing the Best Bait

Pike in our lake get really big: you're going to need bait at least six to eight inches long to catch the biggest pike. While you may be able to find live bait, such as worms, leaches, or minnows in that size, you may need to use artificial lures.

The best artificial lures should be white, yellow, or chartreuse versions of the following:

  • In-line spinners
  • Spoon
  • Minnow-imitating plug
  • Spinner-bait
  • Surface plug

When it comes to rod, reel, and line, you're going to need ones that can handle 20 pounds: our pike get huge, thanks to our unique “catch and release” policy, which guarantees an active and large fish population.

Get the Gas and Bug Spray Off Your Hands

Pike are very sensitive to smells and the two strongest in your boat are likely to be gas or bug spray. If you handle either of these substances in your boat, don't bait your fish immediately. Instead, wash your hands in sugar or salt (using water kept on the boat) and carefully dry. This should remove the harsh scent of these substances from your bait and encourage pike to strike.

Other substances to keep off your hands include:

  • Food scents (especially potent ones)
  • Urine
  • Scents of other pike you've handled
  • Artificial scents (such as peppermint)
  • Cologne

Avoid the Weeds

You're probably used to fishing for pike in weed beds: pike are “ambush” predators that use the cover of weeds to attack their prey. However, this is a mistake if you want to catch the biggest pike in Oak Lake: only small to medium pike hang out in the weeds. And we don't really have small or medium pike in our lake!

Instead, you should head out for the open waters of our lake: large pike prefer hanging out here, near the bottom of the lake, to ambush their favorite prey. Not sure where to stop? Never fear! Our expert fishing guides have fought pike on this lake for years and they know all the best fishing spots.

Are you excited about the possibility of catching the biggest pike in Canada? Then come to Oak Lake Lodge for the most comfortable and successful fishing experience of your life. Our  fish catch photo gallery should give you all the visuals you need to want to come.

However, other popular amenities of our lodge include:

  • Delicious meals
  • Private access to a beautiful lake
  • Highly skilled and experienced fishing guides
  • Comfortable, clean cabins with modern bathrooms -- just like a hotel 

Sound like a dream come true? Then contact us to make a reservation!

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