What Can I Expect on my Fishing Trip?


Overnight in Vermilion Bay

Your first vacation night begins in the quaint Canadian town of Vermilion Bay. Staying overnight allows every one to get to Vermilion Bay, even if they encounter travelling delays.  

Accommodations in Vermilion Bay are approximately $90 Canadian dollars per night for double occupancy. $90 Canadian dollars is approximately equivalent to $65 USD, as of February 2016. 

We can help you arrange your hotel if you like.

Early morning departure to Oak Lake Lodge

You will board your float plane to Oak Lake Lodge early in the morning so you can start fishing at Oak Lake Lodge right away.  We arrange the Air Service and the flight is included in our price. The only requirement is for you to be at the air service 1/2 hour before departure.

A float plane takes off and lands on water and it is quite an experience. Someone can often sit beside the pilot and the conversations with these experts flyers can be very interesting.  

float plane lands on Oak Lake for fly in fishing vacation northwestern ontario canada

Smooth touchdown on Oak Lake

When you reach your destination of Oak Lake, the pilot will prepare for his smooth landing. It is amazing that when the pilot touches down on the lake you can hardly feel it. The landing is so smooth. After touching down, the pilot then parks the plane at the dock just like you would dock a boat. The skills that the pilots have developed are incredible.

float plane lands on Oak Lake for fly in fishing vacation northwestern ontario canada
Your float plane ferries you over to the dock where you are greeted by John and May.

Greeted at Oak Lake by John and May

On the dock, you will be greeted by Oak Lake Lodge's guides, as well as, by John and May Naimian - your hosts while you are at Oak Lake Lodge. The guides arrange everything so quickly and diligently so that you can begin your day of fishing. We won't give away too many details about fishing or archery hunting (hunting is only available in September) because everyone's experiences are unique.

Getting settled in your Cottage

You will have your own private cottage. Most guests like to drop off their belongings and then get right out fishing.

Fly-in fishing lodges and private cottages at Oak Lake
A living room in a private cottage. Each cottage is unique in size and layout.

Experienced Guides

Knowing your guide will adjust to your level of interest and expertise is important. With some guests, the guides will bait the hook, take the fish off of the line and provide a lot of help. Other guests enjoy doing these things for themselves and will use the guides expertise in showing the guests the hot spots for fishing. The fishing 'hot spots' depend on air temperature, the water level in the lake, the season and a host of other factors.

Fishing guides at Oak Lake for fly in fishing trip in ontario canada
Hiring a guide too look after all the details is the most popular option.

More than fishing

If a guest is interested, the guides will show you eagles, eagle nests, trumpeter swans and they can even show you the rocks that were marked by the aboriginal peoples during the fur trade. If you enjoy talking, the guides have many incredible experiences that can be shared from their years on the lakes and forests, doing things that many of us would never dream of accomplishing.

Wildlife at Oak Lake for fly in fishing trip in ontario canada
An eagle perched high on a tree at Oak Lake.

Guides cook and prepare shore lunches

Another task guides perform is the cooking of the shore lunches. This is another incredible experience and one that is unique at Oak Lake Lodge. Whether or not you hire a guide, you are included in the shore-lunches. Sit back and watch these professionals clean the fish, bread the filets and fry the fish. The meals are complemented with side dishes prepared by the kitchen staff. All you do during the shore lunch is relax and talk with your friends. Our guides will do all the work.

Catch and Release Lake

Although you enjoy meals of the walleye you catch, the lake is a catch and release lake which means leaving with fish is not an option. We are sorry if this is disappointing; however, it does ensure the excellent fishing while you do visit.  

Exceptional Meals

Besides the fishing, hunting and accommodations, one other aspect of Oak Lake Lodge that the guests rave about is the meals. You will receive a hearty breakfast before you head out on the lake or out hunting and when you return after your day of fishing or hunting an incredible supper awaits you. After supper, some guests will go out fishing again and other guests will relax in their cottages, playing cards or just sit and relax on the large-screened in porches.

Great meals at Oak Lake for fly in fishing trip in ontario canada
At the lodge, we take care of all your meals.

Well, hopefully we have given you an idea of what Oak Lake Lodge is like.

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