Location of Oak Lake


Oak Lake is a fly-in fishing destination in the northwestern part of Ontario, Canada. Northwestern Ontario is sparsely populated with a total of 224,000 people in an area of 203,233.32 square miles.

Our lodge's latitude/longitude is: 50.417167, -93.901944 shows our accurate location in Canada. Our postal address is different than our true location because we are not near any cities or towns. We are a fly-in destination without road access.  

 Click here to see Google Maps in full screen mode where we show you the satellite imagery of our lodge.


How do I get to Oak Lake Lodge and Outpost?

Here is how most people get to Oak Lake:

Fly to Falls International Airport   in International Falls, Minnesota, USA. This town is on the USA/Canada border.

Drive a rental car  (or hire a van service - with our assistance) over the USA/Canada border and head to Vermilion Bay, Ontario.


Vermilion Bay, Ontario

Overnight in Vermilion Bay. The quaint Canadian town where you will take the float plane to Oak Lake.

Board the float plane at Wilderness Air early the next morning to our lodge. You will be fishing about an hour later.

Do you have your own plane?

Vermilion Bay has a 3800 ft hard surface runway (frequency is 130.7). We will provide you with information during the booking of your trip.

Arranging a van service

We can help arrange a van service to drive your group from International Falls, USA, to Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.

The van service is available 24 hours a day and will cost about $300. 

Driving instructions if you are using a rental car

Rental cars are around $250. Your rental car can be parked at Wilderness Air while you are fishing at Oak Lake. Wilderness Air is the outfit we use to fly our guests to Oak Lake.

These are two different routes to drive from International Falls, Minnesota, U.S.A, to Vermilion Bay, Ontario, Canada.

1. Take Highway 11 West to reach Highway 71 North, continuing to Highway 17 East to get to Vermilion Bay, and then take Highway 647 North (approximately a ½ mile to reach Wilderness air from the Highway). There is a sign on the road "Wilderness Air".


2. Take Highway 11 East to reach Highway 502 North, continue to Dryden, continuing on Highway 17 West to Vermilion Bay, and then take Highway 647 North (approximately ½ mile to reach Wilderness air from the Highway). There is a "Wilderness Air" sign on the road.

See the two locations and travel directions on Google Maps.

Staying overnight in Vermilion Bay

Accommodations in Vermilion Bay are approximately $90 Canadian dollars (approximately $65 USD as of March 2016) per night for double occupancy. We can help you arrange your accommodations in Vermilion Bay. Please ask.

Location of the Lodge and the Outpost

A boat ride from the Outpost to the Lodge takes approximately 45 minutes with a 25 HP motor. Lodge guests disembark the float plane at the Lodge docks and the Outpost guests disembark at the Outpost docks.

Aerial view of Oak Lake Lodge and Oak Lake Outpost, fly in fishing resorts in Canada

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